JL Hargrove II

JL Hargrove a.k.a. The Dude

“Turning houses into homes…..one family at a time” it’s what I do. A Real Estate Dude with over 15 years industry experience. My expertise derives from experience and in-depth knowledge of market conditions, buyer trends and seller challenges. What this means for you: You are hiring an expert. You have a partner when you need to make important financial decisions. I work for buyers and sellers and advocate for your home-ownership interests.

My clients are buying and selling lifestyles! Who better to work with you than a professional, passionate and personable Realtor? I accept customers, but I chose my clients. I am a forward thinker, professional leader and technology adept. I am a master at negotiations. You want me at the closing table with you!

I am personable, laid back…I am the #TXRealEstateDude and my clients rave about my service.